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May 5, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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Here is what you get when you try to make muffins while your 13-month old is rummaging around in the cupboard.

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December 21, 2009

CVS Trip 12/21/09

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I really made out great today at CVS. Lookie what I got:

CVS 12/21/09

Total After Tax: $64.75

Less Coupons: $15.00

ECBs received: $42.45

Net: $7.30

** But ** my receipt currently shows a net of $17.30 because the cashier rang my $5 of $30 as a $5 taxable item instead of a $5 coupon. I need to get back tonight and get my $10 back. This net includes one $4 item that I had no coupon for and one $5.49 item that I only had a $1 coupon for. But we really needed them. If I had not gotten them, my net would have been an overage of a $1.84! The CVS matchup can be found here.

December 18, 2009

Another Great CVS Deal

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Starting 12/20/09 Thermacare Heat Wraps will be $2.49 with a $2.49 ECB. Grab a coupon here for $1 making it a $1 overage. I was able to print 5… and the limit for the ECB offer is 5. This will get you $12.45 closer to the $30 for your $5 off coupon.

(Thanks Making Purrfect Sense)

December 16, 2009

New CVS $5 Off $30 Coupon

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One way to get CVS coupons is to take their online quizes. There is one here about Medicare. There are only 3 questions. You don’t have to get the questions right. Take the quiz and you can print a $5 off your next $30 purchase. (Thanks MakingPurrfectSense).

Next week at CVS Nivea Body Wash Will be $5.99 with a $5 ECB. There is a $2 coupon at coupons.com, head over there and print now before they run out. With the coupon you will have a $1 overage. And you will be $5.99 closer to making your purchase of $30 to use your $5 coupon. (Thanks Coupon Cravings).

December 14, 2009

CVS Trip 12/14/2009

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I did my CVS shopping trip today while my son was hanging out with some extended family. I knew they were going to be running errands, but it was still funny to be able to sneak up on them at CVS and ‘spy’ for a while. They were letting Sam press buttons on holiday singing/dancing figures. Good times.

Total after tax: $31.11

Less coupons: $18.50

Less ECBs received: $17.94

Net: $0.56

I paid 56 cents for all this! What made the trip so great was the fact that I took a survey last night comparing the CVS ad with the Walgreens ad and they sent me a $10 ECB. I am counting that as a coupon in this formula, since I used it like one. I had a $2.00 baby wipe coupon print from the price checker machine last trip, so I paired it with a $0.50 manufacture coupon to get the wipes down to a great price ($3.40 before coupons). The razers were $4.99, I used a $2 coupon and got a $4 ECB back, so they netted a $0.99 overage. By the way, this trip my out-of-pocket was 65 cents. ECBs don’t usually get applied to tax charges, but today it worked. My total before taxes was negative $1.05, taxes $1.70.

Tinkerbell Deal

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MyFrugalAdventures has a great deal on Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure plus any Tinkerbell Tag book or game from Leapfrog. When you buy one of each you can submit for a $5 rebate. Since I have already bought both the Blu Ray movie (for $10) and the Leapfrog book (for $5.99) I am so excited that I can submit for a $5 refund! That means I will have paid $10.99 total for both items.

December 12, 2009

He’s 3!

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Happy Birthday my little boy. You are three years old today. You are so smart, kind and handsome. You are getting quite talkative little man. You ask so many questions. You love to find out how and why things work the way they do. You are trying so very hard to figure out why it is light outside sometimes and dark other times. You love to dance and sing. It is so cute how you sing 4 songs all mixed together at once. You love your little sister and I know that you will do a great job of protecting her.

I love you birthday boy!

He has a bandaid on his chin.

He helped make his own birthday cake. He loves to help in the kitchen.

December 5, 2009

Matchups Week of 12/6/09

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Here is the Walgreens matchup. I don’t see anything too exciting.

Here is the CVS matchup. I have some ECBs that are expiring this week so I am glad to see there are a few things that are free after ECBs so I call roll them. Also, pullups are a decent price and I need another pack, so might as well use ECBs on them instead of cash.

Here is the Rite Aid matchup. Note that our sale week is 12/4/09 to 12/10/09

December 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday – Laundry Helper

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December 1, 2009

We Are Home!

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We are back home safe and sound. What a great trip we had. First I loaded up some basic gear and flew up to Northern California with my two kids.

I scored some really cheap plane tickets that I told you about here.  For $25 one-way how could I pass up such a great offer? We were able to borrow a car from my in-laws and drive all over the place visiting family. After spending the night in Walnut Creek at my in-laws we visited my sister-in-law and her kids. Here I borrowed a pack n play for my baby and a crock pot for the dish I was making for Thanksgiving dinner.

We stayed at my Aunt’s house for three nights in Los Gatos and drove to the Santa Cruz mountain area to see other relatives. It even rained while we were there! That is so exciting for us because we live in the desert. I let Sam play out in the misty rain for a little bit.

Rachel was able to meet my grandmother on my dad’s side.

We saw my brother and his family and my father. Here is Sam hiding under the bed with his cousin:

Next was my grandmother’s house. She lives on 5 acres of redwood forest. Sam had so much fun climbing up the property. After we left, every time he talked to my husband on the phone Sam told him that we were looking for animals, but we couldn’t find any elephants. At the time I thought we were just looking for birds.

Next we drove up to Placerville and stayed at my uncle’s house for three nights. Here we went to the Folsom zoo with my sister and rode the train. Woo woo! The conductor took a great picture with my camera after adjusting all the settings on it. Apparently he teaches a photo taking class in addition to driving the train. The kids and I hung out with my mother and aunt here. This is my hometown area. We made a quick trip to Apple Hill for some pears, pumpkin butter and apple fritters. Mmmm.

After a week of being away from my husband I was very excited about the last leg of our trip. I drove back down to Walnut Creek and stayed at my grandmother-in-laws for three nights. My husband drove up and stayed with us those three nights. We had Thanksgiving at her house. She has such a great back yard for taking pictures. Here we are trying to take a nice Christmas photo. I am the only one with my eyes open. LOL. Don’t worry, that is not the one we will be using.


On the last day of our trip we had a joint 3 year birthday party for my son and his cousin. I was happy to be able to have my family come to the party. We live too far away from family to throw a party here.

Pictured here are my sisters, mother, me and my brother.

We had a great time visiting everybody. Everything went pretty smoothly. That is not to say that there were no tears along the way. Sam was very sad to leave cousin big boy Andrew’s house.

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